How we can help you with this client group

We have undertaken projects across the country to transform the local response to high-impact, high need drinkers.

The key elements of the local transformation work are:

  • Running senior level strategic workshops to establish understanding and ownership of the approach
  • Training specialist and non-alcohol specialist staff in the Blue Light approach
  • Forging links with multi-agency operational groups to ensure joint management and a persistent targeted focus on the highest impact clients
  • Developing the specialist alcohol service response to high impact drinkers with a clear and established pathway from non-specialist to specialist services
  • Developing specifications for assertive outreach services and other identified unmet need
  • Evaluation of the approach

A package of transformation work will typically cost £15,000 to £20,000. However, the return on this investment will be significant. Tackling the impact of just one such client can save enormous costs to the healthcare or criminal justice system.