For practitioners

We work with practitioners and services who provide support and treatment to people with alcohol problems, and those who commission them.

Everyone who wants help with their drinking should be able to access the support they need, without shame or stigma.

We do not provide treatment directly, but support those services that do and the people that commission them.

We are an independent voice for all those who are engaged in helping people towards recovery, whether treatment providers, voluntary groups, specialist medics or researchers exploring more effective interventions.

We also use our knowledge and research to support practitioners on the ground, service managers, commissioners and national Government to put in place the most effective policies and practices.

We campaign for appropriate funding, share research about the most effective treatment methods, and work to reduce the stigma surrounding alcohol problems so that more people seek the help they need.

About our training

We provide training for those whose work brings them into contact with high-impact drinkers.

Our training is designed to reduce the harm caused by alcohol. Our skilled trainers have many years of expertise working in the fields of substance misuse, alcohol services and learning and development.

Our courses will help you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the impacts of harmful drinking on individuals, their families, and society
  • Learn effective techniques to identify and address harmful drinking patterns
  • Develop new skills to work more effectively with those drinking at potentially harmful levels to minimise risk and promote better health outcomes

Current training courses

There are currently no upcoming training courses. More information on future sessions will be released in due course.

Tailored training

You can also commission us to provide bespoke training for your organisation by contacting us at

Find out more about our Blue Light initiative: