Big Drop Spiced Ale

English | Cymraeg

A review of Big Drop Spiced Ale

ABV: 0.5%
Calories per bottle: 99 (30 per 100ml)
Score: 3 out of 5

This wintery brew was launched in 2017 at the Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival, and it’s clearly aimed at the market for dark, comforting beers by the fireside as the cold nights draw in.

It’s packed with warming spices – most obviously cinnamon – like a delicious Christmas pudding in a glass. On the downside, it does feel a bit thin for a winter warmer, and lacks the body of the excellent Chocolate Milk Stout from the same brewery. We gave that a well-deserved 5 out of 5; this one is more of a 3. It’s good but it won’t knock your socks off.

Like the rest of the Big Drop range, it’s beautifully presented, with an evocative image of a ploughed field in the early morning – one of a series of four labels featuring East Anglian landscapes that call to mind Benjamin Britten’s famous ode to “familiar fields, marsh and sand”.