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A review of FREE Damm

ABV: 0.0%
Calories per can: 66 (20 per 100ml)
Score: 3 out of 5

The Damm brewery are famous around the world for Estrella – one of the best-know Spanish beers, and one of Catalonia’s best-know exports. If ‘Damm’ doesn’t sound very Spanish (or very Catalan), that’s because it’s not. In 1867, August Kuentzmann Damm fled his home in Alsace on account of the Franco-Prussian War. He moved to Barcelona and started brewing, and the rest is history.

As well as Estrella, the Damm brewery produces a shed-load of other beers, most of which we don’t see much of over here. One that has recently popped up in the alcohol-free section at Morrison’s is FREE Damm. It’s a 0.0% Mediterranean lager in a rather groovy metallic blue can. So, we thought we’d better give it a try.

And the verdict? Not bad at all. It’s on a par with beers like Bavaria 0.0%. It’s clean, it’s refreshing, it’s got all the basics of a decent lager. But, like Bavaria, it’s not very exciting. If you want an inoffensive beer to quench your thirst, go for it. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, have a look through the many other beers we’ve tried and tasted here.