Health and alcohol awareness activities

We provide a number of health and well-being activities, run by alcohol experts, which can improve your staff’s morale, well-being and productivity.

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Health and wellbeing stands

We can provide an interactive stand, hosted by Alcohol Change UK in your workplace. This can be combined with a screening exercise to offer behaviour change advice to staff. The stand offers the chance for your staff to access an alcohol expert, so they can ask questions on all things alcohol-related. Whether they’re concerned about their drinking or just want to find out more, they can ask about units and calories in common drinks, the health risks posed by drinking too much, talking to children about alcohol and more.

Alcohol quiz

We offer a team quiz, ideal as part of a well-being initiative, which will clear up some of those persistent alcohol myths – is red wine good for you? Is ‘continental-style’ drinking better for your health? Do bubbles really get you drunk more quickly? How long before alcohol is out of your system? Can you drink when pregnant?

This is a lighter way to introduce alcohol awareness to staff. Plenty of time is allowed for questions and discussion and we will show your staff a range of web and app based tools that they can use to track their drinking going forward.

Alcohol screening with Brief Advice

We can also offer an in-office alcohol risk screening. Any staff who are drinking at higher-risk levels will be offered tailored advice on reducing risk, based on their responses.

The screening uses AUDIT-C, a validated tool that comprises three questions about alcohol consumption and identifies drinkers who are at increasing risk of harm.

Screening is accompanied by a report for you on any alcohol issues identified in your organisation, as well as suggestions on how to respond to concerns across different areas of the company.

I cannot recommend Lauren and Alcohol Change UK highly enough for their professional, engaging, and thought-provoking workshops.

Business Insight Manager at Baxi Group