Sober Spring FAQs

Do you have questions about Sober Spring? Hopefully this page will answer them for you.

When is Sober Spring?

From 20 March to 20 June, totalling 93 alcohol-free days. You can join in at any stage between these dates, by signing up here. This is the first official launch year of Sober Spring.

Is Sober Spring free?

Yes! It doesn't cost you a penny. You can sign up here to receive weekly motivational emails for no charge whatsoever.

Is there a Sober Spring app?

People can download a brilliant free app by Alcohol Change UK, Try Dry, to track their Sober Spring and the units, money and calories saved through not drinking.

How do I buy tickets for Sober Spring mixers?

Sober Spring mixer tickets are the only charged element of Sober Spring. Tickets cost £30 and include a mocktail and talks from experts and sober influencers. 15 per cent of the ticket profits will go to Alcohol Change UK.

You can find all the latest information about Sober Spring mixers here.

How did you choose where to hold the mixers?

We chose the areas where there was the highest density of Sober Springers in 2018.

No events elsewhere are currently planned, but we're aiming to hold more events elsewhere in 2020 and beyond.

What happens at Sober Spring mixers?

Your first drink is part of the ticket price, so you'll be given a drink voucher and asked to choose from a range of mocktails at the bar. You can choose to substitute this for a regular soft drink, if you wish.

We'll be giving out (optional) badges where you can write in your name, where you live, and your sober goal ('Sober Spring', 'don't know yet' or 'forever'), so that you can potentially spot other Sober Springers from your local area who have similar goals.

There will then be speakers and experts on stage, dispensing inspiration and wisdom to help you make the most of Sober Spring.

At the end of the event, people will be encouraged to swap contact details, in order to give attendees some social support throughout their Sober Spring.

I'm already sober, can I do Sober Spring?

Of course! If you're looking for a boost in motivation, or something extra to keep up your momentum, this is just the thing for you. And the Sober Spring Mixers are a great way to build your local tribe.

I still have an enquiry about Sober Spring, what do I do?

Email and we will be happy to assist in any way we possibly can.

If you have a question about the Try Dry app, please contact

Press enquiries about Sober Spring

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