Get sponsored to do Dry January

Boost your motivation and make a difference by asking people to sponsor you for your dry month. There are four great charities to support - just click below to select who you want to support.

Alcohol Change UK

Alcohol Change UK is the charity behind Dry January. We work to end the harm caused by alcohol.

Fundraise for Alcohol Change UK.

Breast Cancer Now

One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and women who regularly drink alcohol are at increased risk of getting the disease. Breast Cancer Now is partnering with Dry January help women to cut down on alcohol and reduce their risk of breast cancer.

Fundraise for Breast Cancer Now.

British Liver Trust

British Liver Trust is the largest UK liver charity for adults and leads the fight against liver disease and cancer. We’re partnering with Dry January because alcohol is the leading cause of liver disease in the UK and we need to encourage more people to reduce their alcohol intake.

Fundraise for the British Liver Trust.


Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. We help people directly out of homelessness, and campaign for the social changes needed to solve it altogether. We know that together we can end homelessness.

Fundraise for Crisis.