The app: frequently asked questions

Try Dry: The Dry January app helps you go dry for a month or longer, or to moderate your drinking year-round. Read on to find the answers to some commonly asked questions about Try Dry: the Dry January app.

Track your dry and drinking days

  • You can track your dry days in the calendar
  • Track when, what and how much you drink
  • Keep track of your current and all-time best ‘dry streak’ - in other words, how many days in a row you have been alcohol-free

See your savings

  • Compare your current drinking (or not drinking) with how much you used to drink
  • Find out how much money and how many calories and units of alcohol you are saving by not drinking or drinking less
  • Get a weekly report of your savings, plus a forecast of how much you could save if you keep going
  • See your stats for the week, month, year and for all time

Personalised feedback

  • Take the Drinking Health Quiz to find out how risky your drinking is
  • Get personalised feedback on how you can reduce your risk based on your drinking pattern
  • Compare your results over time to see how your score has improved


  • Thinking of going dry for charity? You can support Alcohol Change UK.
  • Want some extra motivation to stay dry? Get sponsored by family and friends!

Extra content on the blog

  • Tips and tricks for completing a month off booze
  • Information on what’s going on in your body when you go alcohol-free
  • Stories from people like you
  • Much more!

Yes! The Try Dry app can support you to keep track of your drinking all year round.

Whether you want to continue staying dry after January, or the month off drinking has made you think more about cutting down, you can continue using the app to receive insights on how many dry days you have plus how many calories and units and how much money you are saving.

You can retake the Drinking Health Quiz regularly to see how your recent drinking compares with previous months.

By using Try Dry: the Dry January app during Dry January you’ll be getting all of the amazing features listed above!

Plus you’ll gain extra insight into when and how you drink, which will help you to reflect on your drinking behaviours. Are you finding it harder to stay dry at the weekend? Is most of your drinking at home as an after-work habit, or out with friends where it’s harder to avoid the social pressure?

The app will also boost your motivation to keep going! The ‘dry streak’ showing how many days in a row you’ve stayed dry can motivate you to stick with it when the going gets tough. If you break your streak, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to see your best ever streak and can try to beat that.

Plus carry round some encouragement in your pocket all month - or all year long.

Yes, we’re planning to do a lot of further development on the app to bring you exciting new features after January 2019 – so stay tuned! Of course we want the app to be the best it can be, so please do send us any feedback, positive or negative, and we will work hard to incorporate it into future app updates.

Please email, or get in touch with us on social media @dryjanuary.

The app for Dry January 2018 and before, Dry January & Beyond, was provided by Cyberliver/Zanec. They have now replaced this app with a new app, Dry Days. This is not associated with Dry January.

You can download the new Dry January app, Try Dry: The Dry January app.

If you would like to transfer your data from the old app, the simplest thing to do is to take screenshots of your previous months’ calendar pages in Dry Days, which you can then enter manually into Try Dry: The Dry January app.

How to take a screenshot on an Apple device

How to take a screenshot on an Android device

If you would like Cyberliver and Zanec to delete your data, please email and they will do so.

Please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.