Alcohol Awareness Week 2019 resources

Download Alcohol Awareness Week resources for use during the week.

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Resources list

In your community pack

Use this pack to help you get buy in from your organisation for running Dry January or Alcohol Awareness Week in your community.

Press release template

Social media images (in English and Welsh)

Social media example posts

Key messages and resources links


  • Alcohol and calories
  • Alcohol and cancer
  • Alcohol and diabetes
  • Alcohol and mental health
  • Alcohol and parenting
  • Alcohol and sex
  • Alcohol and the brain
  • Alcohol and the heart
  • Alcohol and the liver
  • Alcohol and workplaces
  • Alcohol units
  • Am I drinking too much?
  • Drinking tips
  • Worried about someone else's drinking
  • Support with your drinking


  • Alcohol and your body
  • Cut down to cut your risk
  • Tips for healthy drinking
  • Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Download the free app
  • Alcohol harm in the UK
  • Get support
  • Alcohol myth 1: saving units
  • Alcohol myth 2: fun without alcohol
  • Alcohol myth 3: coffee sobers me up
  • Alcohol myth 4: alcohol-free beer
  • Alcohol myth 5: the gym
  • Alcohol myth 6: alcohol problem

Posters in Welsh:

  • Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Alcohol increases your risk
  • Thinking about your drinking?
  • Download the free app
  • Worried about your drinking