Your favourite alcohol-free drinks

Erynn Blansjaar | January 2019 | 5 minutes

Throughout the month, you’ve been letting us know what you’re drinking instead of alcohol – and it’s been great to read how creative you’re getting! Some have stuck to alcohol-free beers or soda water, whilst others have invented their own mocktails. Here’s some of the drinks you were enthusiastic about.

  • Fever-Tree tonic waters, especially tasty enjoyed over your favourite fruit juice or cordial
  • Fentimans soft drinks and tonic waters
  • Ginger beer
  • Lemongrass and ginger cordial topped up with sparkling water. Add a cocktail cherry for an extra flourish!
  • Orange or apple juice topped up with lemonade
  • Morrisons’ mocktail range
  • Aldi’s zero alcohol Prosecco and wines
  • Drinks by the Dorset Ginger Company
  • Shrb drinks
  • M&S alcohol-free sparkling botanical G&T, with ice
  • Robinson’s crushed lime and mint cordial with soda water and ice
  • Doug’s ‘Bloodless Mary’: made with 8 to 10 Oz of low sodium V8 juice and a tablespoon of Demitris’ All Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning - currently using their Chipotle-Habanero flavour.
  • Lime & soda, a timeless classic
  • An 'Arnold Palmer' - half iced tea, half lemonade
  • Elderflower cordial with still or sparkling water, fresh lime and ice
  • Tomato juice with Worcester Sauce
  • Lidl's sparkling blood orange and cranberry pressé
  • Nosecco
  • Erdinger Alkoholfrei
  • Kopparberg alcohol-free
  • Last but certainly not least... Any and all tea!

And an absolute top tip: whatever you drink, serving it in a nice glass and/or with lots of pretty garnish will make all the difference! Dress it up like an adult drink and no one will notice you're not drinking alcohol.

Have you tried any of these drinks, or are there any amazing ones we’ve left out? Let us know in the comments!