Top alcohol-free drinks from high-street supermarkets

Erynn Blansjaar | January 2019 | 6 minutes

Alcohol-free drink sales are booming, so chances are a supermarket near you has a selection of options for you. Here are some of the most exciting drinks you can expect to find in popular UK supermarkets (sorry, non-UK residents!).

Most supermarkets will have Heineken 0,0, Bavaria 0.0%, Kopparberg alcohol-free, and Becks Blue as standard, but generally speaking, the bigger the supermarket the bigger the alcohol-free range.


Tesco has a great selection of alcohol-free alternatives. When it comes to catering for those ditching the booze, it’s one of the most accommodating – good, considering it’s also the most popular supermarket in the UK. Some drinks to check out:

- St Peter’s Without

- Low alcohol sparkling wine

- Stowford Press

- Rawson’s Retreat


Though Sainsbury’s' collection isn’t as big as some other supermarkets’, their own-brand alcohol-free sparkling and red wines come highly reviewed!

- Sparkling wine

- Budweiser Prohibition


Waitrose offers a selection of Seedlip’s non-alcoholic spirits if you’re feeling experimental, as well as plenty of alcohol-free wines, ciders and beers.

- Fre dealcoholized red wine

- Gordon’s ultra low alcohol G&T (hint of lime)

- Seedlip


Asda has a great selection of alcohol-free drinks – including Ceder’s non-alcoholic spirit and Brewdog’s newest release, Raspberry Blitz. Why not pop down to your nearest one and peruse the aisles this weekend?

- FreeDamn lager

- Pistonhead non-alcoholic

- Brewdog Nanny State and Raspberry Blitz

- Gordon’s ultra low G&T (hint of lime and hint of grapefruit)


Morrisons gets a special congratulations for having a section of their website dedicated to‘adult soft drinks’ - how fab is that! Shops are a little harder to come by, but it’s definitely worth checking it out to see what’s on offer:

- Bees knees alcohol free sparkling wine

- Old Mout Cider alcohol free

- Open Gate Brewery non-alcoholic lager

The drinks listed here, surprisingly, are just some of the options available to you – the market is growing fast! If you’re after even more choice, there are some great online retailers you can take a look at, such as Dry Drinker, The Alcohol-Free Shop, and Wise Bartender.

If you sign up for Dry January emails via the app or website you’ll get some handy discount codes for some of those sites, plus our lovely partner Outfox! They make tasty drinks that don’t taste like the soft option.

Low alcohol or alcohol-free? In the UK, drinks that contain 0.05 per cent alcohol (ABV) or less are considered alcohol-free, whilst drinks of up to 1.2 per cent are considered low alcohol. Many, including all the drinks mentioned here, are 0.5% or less. We don’t consider 0.5 per cent ABV drinks ‘cheating’ during a dry month – but it’s up to you to make your own rules!