Dry January with a buddy

Lauren Booker | December 2019 | 6 minutes

If trying Dry January on your own is a scary thought, why not get a friend involved? Having someone around who’s going through the same thing will be a great support, plus you can share all the amazing benefits when other people think you’re too smug for words.

There are plenty of reasons, both practical and psychological, why going dry with a buddy boosts your chances of success.

1. You’ve got a ready-made support system if your resolve starts to fail.

2. You don’t want to let them down, and that can keep you strong.

3. You’ve got a great reason to carry on if you’re supporting someone else.

4. There’s someone else not drinking alongside you when you’re out and about.

5. You can share tips and advice along the way.

6. You can pledge your savings to a good cause together and raise more money.

7. You’ve got someone to talk to who knows what you’re experiencing (and is still happy to discuss the challenge when everyone else has glazed over).

8. There may be a little frisson of competition between you to keep you interested.

9. It’ll strengthen the bond between you.

10. Sharing is caring.

Have any of your family/ friends mentioned that trying Dry January is something they’d like to do? If you invite them to give it a go, it might be just the motivation they need to start their own dry journey. Even if none of your friends have expressed an interest yet, the people you’re going to tell about your challenge, or your supporters, might want to join you when you fill them in; keep this in mind.

Once you’ve decided who you’ll go dry with, have a chat about how you’re going to support each other, how long for and what the extent of that support will be. You might commit to one dry night out together each week for example, or set up a WhatsApp group - the possibilities are endless when you’ve got someone by your side.

None of your friends fancy it? Don’t worry! Your dry buddies can be virtual as well as physically close. There are fantastic, supportive, motivational online support groups out there. Take a look at the Dry January Community on Facebook, for example. You can always message the Dry January team on Facebook or Twitter or drop them an email if there’s anything in particular you want to talk about!

Have your dry team assembled?

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